It infrastructure and information security engineer

The protection of information and build a production infrastructure
Development of methods to enhance the safety of the working environment Exmo, taking into account performance
Creating creative tools and services that identify security issues and opportunities to address them
Creation of scripts for evaluation of safety and its improvement for servers EXMO, network and authentication services
Operational analysis of infrastructure, identification of security problems and their immediate elimination

Experience in providing a dynamic and wide-ranging work environment
Deep knowledge of different OS-platforms, especially Linux
Excellent knowledge of network protocols - TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, BGP, etc.
Deep knowledge of authentication protocols, applied cryptography, PKI and SSL/TLS
Professional level of proficiency in at least one programming language (C++, Python, Java, Ruby, etc)

Malta, Gwardmangia Hill,
Pieta PTA 1311
Company number C 86282