What is Exchange Trading system?
"KTC" is a universal cryptocurrency platform that allows users to carry out transactions in cryptocurrency among themselves.
It is important to understand that the KTC platform does not buy anything, does not sell anything and can not affect the rates of the traded currency pairs in any way. KTC takes a certain percentage (0.2%) of the amount of the user transaction as a Commission for security and convenience of trading.
How does KTC work?
KTC Exchange Trading System accepts cash and cryptocurrency from users, after which THE latter can trade with each other on the funds that they have placed on user wallets. In other words, KTC provides users with the ability to buy/sell/exchange cryptocurrency and Fiat funds. The KTC platform itself does not buy or sell anything, all operations are carried out exclusively by users.
How to start trading on KTC?
To get started, you must create an account. Then Deposit funds into the account using one of the methods specified on the Wallet tab.
After depositing, the user will be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using simple or advanced trading opportunities. The KTC cryptocurrency platform automatically finds the best deals for the user and displays all trades on the main page and in the account profile. User Manual!
Is it safe to use KTC Platform?
The main priority for KTC is the reliability and security of user funds and personal data.
KTC has taken all necessary measures to ensure complete safety when operating on THE platform. However, it should be remembered that KTC can not ensure the safety of funds and data stored on the user's computer, so you should take the following measures to ensure safety, namely:
- use the official wallet to store cryptocurrency
- encrypt your personal crypto wallet in the client itself,
- use a quality antivirus,
- ensure that no one has access to the device on which the funds or passwords are stored. - use the most complex passwords for the account, mailbox and encrypted wallet on the computer.
Remember that the user himself is responsible for the security after their withdrawal from the platform.
How to contact technical support?
For the convenience of our users, we have a customer support service that works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without breaks and holidays. If you have a question, wish or suggestion, our managers are always ready to help you with any problem, as well as listen to the most daring suggestions to improve the service.
We are open to new ideas!
There are several ways to contact support:
- create a ticket on the website https://support.ktc.trading/
- email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The term of consideration of the application and the subsequent response to the decision depends on the completeness of the problem you stated. So try to describe the situation the most deployed.
Do KTC demo mode?
At the moment, KTC does not have a demo trading mode. We recommend you to start trading with small amounts to reduce possible losses when reading the trading process on our exchange.
What is Bitcoin And how does it work?
Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency of the Internet with a capitalization of more than $ 20 billion (beginning of 2017).

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no Central bodies do not produce the emission of new money and not in control of the ongoing transaction. These tasks are regulated collectively by the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin uses the principles of peer-to-peer and proof-of-work in its work. Each payment transaction in the bitcoin network is distributed between all network participants and is recognized as effective only after confirmation by other participants.

This means that you can send and receive money or pay for services and products online anonymously and pay a very low fee (or no fee at all). More information can be found on the official website of Bitcoin https://bitcoin.org
If you have a question related to the technical features of the system or need to solve the problem, please use our support page, where you can create a ticket request to our support team. They will help you!

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